Saturday, November 01, 2008


Here's my wonderful research team...whose efforts and hardwork has been just as important as my creative inputs.
Tarla Dalal and Team
let me introduce them to you..(starting from my left)is my nutritionist and senior research team-Mrs.Sapna Kamdar, junior nutritionist-Mrs.Tirtha Gala, research team- Ms.Preetha Srinivasan, senior nutritionist and senior research team-Mrs.Nisha Katira, (and to my right) research team- Mrs. Brinda Mehta and assistant editor (Cooking and More)- Ms.Nivedita Nair.

along with Membership & Online Purchase assistance team-Mrs.Jharna Patel and Mr.Ravindra Gawade, Accounts- Mr.Vaihav Ghatge and Marketing-Mr.Rajesh Pandey
and others Mr.Ramesh Devadiga, Mr.Subramaniam Pujari, Mr.Devendra Pujari, Mr.Eillas D'Souza, Mr.Shashikant whose valuable contribion count as much.

Happy and healthy cooking!